Our team of industry experts has significant experience helping businesses find the right financing solutions.


SQN Latina, a Pale Morning Credit Company, provides mission-critical equipment leases to medium sized industrial businesses throughout Mexico as well as to manufacturing companies in the U.S. and Canada seeking to move production to Mexico.

We tailor leasing solutions to suit the growth needs of each of our customers, boosting their productivity via lease financing of all major equipment brands on competitive, efficient and flexible terms.

SQN Latina is the first specialty finance company launched by Pale Morning Credit, or PMC – a data-driven, technology-focused developer and manager of specialty finance platforms in Latin America. This provides our clients with Institutional financial strength and technological sophistication.

Our Approach

Through our approach to building long-term relationships, we enable our SME clients to grow by becoming their financing partners.
We think it is time to elevate the specialty finance industry in Latin America by implementing global best practices, data-driven approaches and innovation in technology.
Our clients receive the best in class service which enables them to maximize their borrowing capacity, we accomplish this by leveraging state of the art technology driven by big data.